A Guide to Facebook and Instagram Reels

Social Media’s Evolution

Social Media platforms continuously evolve and change over time. Over a decade ago, the social media environment was vastly different than what it is today. For example, Facebook and Instagram were two separate companies and in completion with each other; however, in mid-2012, Facebook purchased Instagram, and as of June 9, 2022, both companies are traded under their parent company Meta.

Keeping current with social media can be a difficult task because it isn’t always easy to determine what will be trending. Why should you consider bringing your brand to the latest and greatest in social media? Search Engine Journal’s quote is perfect: “Social media helps tell potential customers who the brand is versus what it can offer.”

What are Reels?

Vine pioneered short-form video hosting where users could share six-second long videos. However, after years of being the premier choice for most users, Vine’s run was cut short by companies like TikTok. Meta Technology Company (you know them as Facebook and Instagram) would launch a similar concept in 2020 on their already successful social media platforms as a feature on their social media platforms.

Reels allows users to create 15-second videos and share them in a discoverable feed on Facebook and Instagram. When posting Reels, you are given the ability to edit the video, overlay sound (music, clips from tv or movies), add special effects, use hashtags, and tag accounts. Unlike Stories, where your content disappears after 24 hours, Reels stay posted permanently like your Posts.  

Reels in the Business World

Instagram and Facebook have proven to be valuable markets and have become a standard in online presence for a business. However, being a popular platform on social media doesn’t always mean success when selling products or services. Each post should be carefully planned, tagged, and posted correctly so users can see and care about it.

In the business world, the most valuable benefit of using Reels is brand awareness. In fact, videos boost posts views by 48% when compared to traditional posts with text only. When your content populates on the Explore page and feed of reels, you can reach people whom you would otherwise not have an opportunity to market. As with any social media marketing, it can be challenging to decipher the algorithm. However, it is not very different from regular posts Facebook and Instagram and is ranked on interactions of posts.

Beginners Tips for Using Reels

Do some research, look at what your competitors and others in your industry are doing, and pay close attention to what is getting views, likes, and comments. Look at what audio and hashtags are currently trending. Facebook and Instagram will promote trending Reels for users. WordStream has outlined some ideas in their blog titled “19 Instagram Reels Ideas to Build Your Brand” to assist in how to post with a step-by-step guide and examples of what to post. If you are a visual learner, check out the video below.

How to make/edit Instagram Reels in 2022

Share relevant Reels to Your Story and Feed

As our blog Maximizing Your Facebook Page said, posting regularly is important to show you are an active and engaged brand, but don’t be discouraged if your posts don’t get a lot of attention in the beginning. The more you post, the higher the chance you will be present on the Explorer page, which is your chance to attract potential clients. Consistency is key.

Be unique and add your own twist to your posts to make them authentic. Balance entertainment with education in your posts. This is your chance to differentiate your business with the sea of posts on the Explorer page and feed. Original content is what catches users’ eyes to open your Reel.

Experiment with emphasizing employee experiences and tutorials or giving detailed information about your products or services. For example, if you sell a cleaning product, make a quick Reel on how to use your product to its fullest potential. Customers are more cautious in what products or brands they support than ever. Employees demonstrating or discussing products will build trust and customer loyalty with your company. Focus your posts on promotions, reveals, specials, upcoming events, and company or industry news.

Be Responsive and Engaging

Engaging in questions and comments helps the Meta algorithm to flag your content as trending. Use these opportunities to show users you are supportive and accessible and extend the conversation. The quicker you respond, the more you create an transparent and accessible brand image.

Respond to the negative comments as well as the positive. Ensure that your tone aligns with the image you want to portray. Remember, the user who created the negative comment won’t be the only one who can see your response.

If the comment requires a more extensive conversation, be friendly and try to divert the conversation to a private discussion by asking them to email you personally or give you a call. Express your aim to deliver the best experience, and you are saddened to hear that expectations were not met. Thank them for the time to bring the issue to your attention, and you will use the feedback to make improvements. All social media comments can lead to a new customer. Even if it is not directly the one you are conversing with. Others viewing how you interact with users can be enough to establish trust and interest in you. 

 According to Gorgias, 89% of consumers look for companies to always act with integrity. Being active in engaging with users creates transparency that there is nothing to hide.

In Conclusion

Using Reels might appear tedious and complicated; however, with the way we receive news, products, and information continuously evolving, it is essential to keep up with the short-video-trend to reach your audience. Don’t wait to get started; start posting. Experiment with it, stick with it, find the groove that works for you, and begin reaching a new market. Use countless online resources from videos, guides, blogs, and observation of what is popular. We will end with a quote “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Jimmy Cooper, Marketing Coordinator