How/Why Social Media Boosting

Social Media Boosting

We have previously written several blogs on social media and their importance. For example, Maximizing your Facebook Page, A Guide to Facebook and Instagram, and Social Media for Small Businesses. Now that you have established your Social Media platforms and are routinely posting, you may ask what else can be done to maximize your efforts. Unfortunately, more involvement is required to have a successful presence on social media.  One of the things that you can do to receive more traffic to your page is boosting posts.

What is Social Media Boosting?

Social media boosts are when you pay a social media platform to strengthen one of your posts to reach a recommended or targeted audience. This is separate from social media ad campaigns like Facebook’s Ads Manager because it uses traditional posts instead of a specific ad profile. Social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all have a boost option for their content. Although called Quick Promote, Twitter has the same concept and will achieve the same goal.

Why is Social Media Boosting Important?

Social media has become essential in marketing your business. It can reach an audience that would typically be unreachable. There is much competition, so it is crucial that you are easy to find in a sea of posts. Boosting your posts is an excellent way to catapult your posts above the competition to ensure they are seen, liked, shared, and commented on by a targeted audience. Plus, boosting posts is easy to do and is a good way of breaking ground before moving on to something a little more complex, like Facebook Ads. For more information on why you should spend money on social media boosting, look at Volume Nine’s blog here.

Boosting posts allows you to narrow your reach to the specific audience you want and not only to your followers and their friends but to social media users who share the interests, demographics, or location of your business.  

When and How to Boost Posts

Knowing the right post to boost and the exact timing has multiple factors that will require experimentation to discover what works best for your business. An excellent place to start is using posts that are already popular and relevant to your goal. If you have recent posts with a lot of comments, likes, and shares, boosting it can create even more engagement, and typically, users are more likely to click on posts with a lot of likes and comments. Do some research on your market and what your competition is doing. What posts and hashtags do they have that seem popular or frequently pop up on your timeline? Meta has outlined some helpful tips in the Meta Business Help Center to use their boost feature successfully.

For example, boosting a post on Facebook is a straightforward process. You find a post that you previously posted and click the “boost post” button. The payment and targeting options will populate along with post-performance information once the promotion has ended.

In Summary

Post boosting is vital to maximizing your potential to reach your customers. Although cheaper than most advertising, it is still a good idea to always research before spending anything on any advertising, and boosts are no different. However, as previously stated, boosts are an excellent way to start social media marketing without spending much money and the process is simple. If you don’t have the time and experience in the digital world, the experts at Code & Color are ready to create and manage not only your social media accounts but Google AdWords and Email Marketing. Call 423-543-1022 or email to get started today.

Jimmy Cooper, Marketing Coordinator