Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

A blog is one of the most popular ways to publish on the internet, and the format has changed the way we create and consume media. If you run a business and you don’t have a blog, you may be missing out on a valuable opportunity. Read on to learn the benefits of publishing a blog for your small business. We’ll even share some tips for writing posts that your customers will want to read.

Why You Should Write a Blog for Your Small Business

A blog can help establish trust and demonstrate expertise to your customers

Your clients want to know they can trust you to deliver the product or service you promise, and they want to know you can do so with competence and professionalism. One great way to help customers say “yes” to your proposal is to show them you know what you’re talking about through expertly written blog posts.

Choose topics that your customers are genuinely interested in. If you can explain complex topics in the way that a casual consumer can understand and benefit from, you’ve got a competitive advantage that will set you apart.

A blog can provide valuable content that you can use to engage your followers on social media

It’s important to stay active on social media – both in order to stay on customer’s minds and to drive shares and engagement – but it can be a challenge to regularly find new content to share. This is one area where writing a blog can really come in handy. Blog posts are a great source of original content, and by paying attention to which topics get the most shares and likes, you can learn which topics your audience finds most valuable.

A blog can boost your search engine rankings

Search engines rank results based on how valuable a web page is to the user. Since many searches are done for research purposes, users are often seeking information that answers a question. Any type of content that can answer a user’s question on a particular topic will be deemed useful by Google. By posting helpful, authoritative content in your area of expertise, you could help your website rank higher for a number of searches.

A blog can generate leads and drive sales

The reason your business website exists is to help potential customers find you and decide whether your product or service is the right fit. You should write your blog with the same goal in mind. Each post is a great opportunity to showcase what you offer. Consider posting about new products or improvements to your existing offerings. Just been sure to keep the overall tone and format of the blog informative.

Another great way to drive leads from your blog is to end each post with a call to action. This can simply be a button that links to your website’s contact form or a phone number that the visitor can call to speak with a sales rep. This approach is a great way to nudge potential customers to reach out when their interest in your service is fresh on their minds.

Tips for Writing a Great Small Business Blog

Stick to the topic

It may be tempting to use your business’s blog to write about personal interests, but please resist the temptation. To really capitalize on your blog, you should stick to writing about your website’s main theme. If you’re an insurance agency, write posts that demystify confusing insurance topics. If your site sells auto parts, post buyer’s guides for common parts categories.

Write with your customer in mind

One of the best ways to find good blog post topics is to answer common customer questions. Ask your sales team or customer support staff to keep a list of commonly asked questions. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site from customers who are researching your product or service. As we mentioned above, search engines reward web pages that are useful to their users, and there’s no better way to be useful than to answer questions.

Don’t copy from another source

Plagiarizing the work of another site is a surefire way to sabotage your blog, especially from a search engine optimization perspective. When a search engine detects that a page’s content was originally published somewhere else, it will ignore the content at best. At worst, you could be penalized for the duplication and risk having the offending page removed from search results.

Keep it Professional

If it’s worth your time to write a blog, and worth your customers time to read it, then it’s worth the time you spend on proofreading your work. Don’t let a misspelling or a grammatical mistake take away from the authority you’re trying to establish. You should always let at least one other person review your work before you publish it to the web. Showing attention to detail helps prove to your customer that you’re serious about providing a good product and a good experience.

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