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Custom Mobile Apps For Independent Organizations

Having a mobile app for your business just makes sense.

Your clients expect a mobile experience

Millennials now make up the largest percentage of the workforce and are on pace to begin outspending Baby Boomers within the next decade. Their expectations should shape the way that we do business.


From dating to banking, more and more of our lives are lived through our phones. Consumers expect the companies they do business with to have a mobile app.


A mobile app cuts out a dangerous middle-man - the search engine - which is all but guaranteed to show your clients paid ads for competitors when they search for your site on the web. And, with the dreaded “tracking cookie,” they will see those ads for days.


Mobile apps offer a more direct and pleasant experience than websites - with quick access, direct lines of communication, and a more intuitive, easier-to-use interface.


If you’re aiming to grow your business, a mobile app is the only way to compete in terms of technology and customer experience.

Mobile apps are the surest way to stay on clients' minds


The number of Americans who own a smartphone. That's more than those who own a computer!


The amount of internet traffic that comes from smartphones. It will likely increase with the arrival of 5G networks.


The average amount of smartphone time spent in apps, compared to 13% of time spent on the web.

Set yourself apart with an app tailored to your organization

There’s no better way to provide a memorable digital experience than with a mobile app. It lets customers connect on their own terms and is more user friendly than the web.


Give customers a convenient way to get directly in touch, whether its by phone, email, or messaging.


From blog posts to product descriptions, display your valuable content to customers in a sleek, easy to navigate interface.


Send push notifications to promote events and special offers.


Your mobile app will be as unique as your organization and feature your own colors, logo, and brand guidelines.

Case Study: Insurance App

Read how Code & Color teamed up with a group of independent insurance agents to build an app that helps agents engage with their clients.

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