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Price & Ramey Insurance Group is a 110-year-old independent insurance agency based in East Tennessee. Providing the best in coverage and personal service is one of the many reasons why today, more than ever, people are choosing Price & Ramey for their insurance needs.

Price & Ramey logo on a white background

Upon connecting with Price & Ramey, it was clear from the beginning that they are a professional, reliable agency, and their brand should reflect that. Based on their requests we performed a modernization overhaul to their logo and fleshed out their branding. Our digital efforts have allowed them to connect with prospective customers throughout the region.

Video banner on the Price & Ramey website homepage

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Price & Ramey business cards

Price & Ramey restaurant postcard

Price & Ramey benefits postcard

“Code & Color has helped us communicate who we are quickly to all who see our brand. We are so thankful for their expertise in the insurance industry.”

- Cara Schoettes, Marketing Director

Price & Ramey standing banners

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Price & Ramey tri-fold unfolded

Price & Ramey tri-fold cover

Price & Ramey postcard and pen

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