What to post on LinkedIn


With the various social media platforms available, it is not easy to know what to post on each one from a business standpoint. Some businesses have blurred the line between professional and personal posts, so gaging the market on what to post has become increasingly challenging, especially so on the historically business-prioritized platform LinkedIn. This is where the challenge comes into play – how do you post often and come up with fresh content?

What to post

One of the most popular subjects on social media is growth hacks. Growth hacks are tips for optimizing growth on social media pages fast and cheaply. For example, create a poll asking questions about where and how people are struggling with a topic you are knowledgeable on. That is what Tech Copywriter James Laurain suggests and gives the example that he made a poll titled, “My biggest struggle when writing marketing copy is that I…” with options like, “Don’t know where to start” and “Just can’t make it flow.” From there, he prepares a tip for each of the answers. James will then get the results from his poll and see who voted for each response. Finally, he will send a connection request and message to each person who voted with his tip for the answer they voted on. This creates engagement, new connections, and lets people know he is a good resource for helpful information.

Company blogs related to your industry or services you provide are another great option. This is an excellent opportunity to talk about your success stories related to your business and have a personal touch. Keep the blog relatively short; according to Blog Tyrant, an average read time of seven minutes captures the most attention. Blogs increase the time users spend on your website, increase shares on social media, improve your results ranking in search engines, and allow you to hyperlink content to your website.

Like writing and posting your own blog, finding a relevant blog about your industry can help pull users to your page. If you own a health food store, find blogs from doctors or healthcare professionals about the benefits of eating healthy, for example. Don’t forget to utilize hashtags to link the third-party blog back to your site.

Post about current events or an intriguing or inspiring news article. This can help keep the users that have connected with you keep up on events in your industry. Write a short blip about what you think of the news or event and ask your followers what they think about it. This is another way to create engagement and conversation with your audience. The more attention your post gets, the higher it will be bumped on the LinkedIn feed.

Employee or company highlights make excellent posts. Not only does it make the employee feel appreciated, but you can draw attention to a particular area of your business. For example, if you have a dental practice and highlight a dental hygienist for cleaning 100 patients’ teeth, use this opportunity to remind users to get in and schedule a cleaning. Company highlights include sponsored events or community contributions, milestones achieved, customer appreciation, available job positions, etc.  This helps show your presence by being involved and displaying gratitude to your team and community, while also drawing in new potential customers.

Answer common questions from your customers about your business. Use your employees as a resource; find out what questions they hear the most and how they respond. This will assist in letting you and your staff help more customers. The general idea is that employees will not have to answer these questions as often, leaving more time to devote to selling your product or service. If you would like to read more about posting frequently asked questions, The Groove Blog further details the benefits of openly discussing your most common inquiries.

In Summary

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for attracting and locating potential employees or customers, posting job openings, and connecting with other businesses. In order for your page to be seen, you need to post often and ensure your posts are unique and new. We have given you a few ideas of what to post on LinkedIn; the truth is there are many more great post topics and even more being added every day. For a great, more-detailed, extended list of post ideas, check out Content Vista’s 99+ Useful LinkedIn Post Ideas for 2022. This comprehensive list will not cover every potential post out there, but it should help spark some creativity on how you can apply these suggestions.

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Jimmy Cooper, Marketing Coordinator